The sea angling element of DDAC was formed at the birth of the club over 70 years ago and remains thriving through a small group of dedicated anglers spread throughout Norfolk.

Members travel throughout Norfolk and Suffolk to compete in the club's beach matches, and until recent years also competed in sea boat matches. Unfortunately the sea boat element has dwindled to extinction, but there remains hope of resurrection!

Coarse angling members of DDAC are automatically covered as sea members. Our low cost sea section facilitates membership from those that only want to do sea fishing and are not interested in coarse angling.

Tight lines to one and all.

NEW: Boat Fishing Begins Again

Anyone interested in attending boat fishing trips/matches should contact the club secretary for dates and prices.

Due to recent demand a number of trips have already occured and more are likely to be scheduled depending on continued demand.


There is no financial reward element to DDAC beach matches, but anglers remain content to compete for the points towards winning the club's sea angling trophies.

Due to the distance anglers travel we find it reassuring to car share, travel in small groups, and always have the support from one another in the event of emergency. Our sea angling trips are social events rather than serious competitions!

Our sojourns range from Aldeburgh in Suffolk up around the coast to Cley in Norfolk, endeavouring to find fish as the seasons change. Most of our outings are during the autumn / winter months, and we frequently get blown off the beach. We're mad, we know it, we don't need reminding, but we are adamant that the club continues to have a sea fishing section.

More details about the beaches we visit, our matches and membership details can be found by visiting the menus to the left of this page, whilst the menus to the right cover the more administrative detail of the club.