Coarse Match Rules

Dereham and District Angling Club Coarse Matches will be fished in accordance with the following rules:

1. Apart from pike matches, pike will not count.

2. The Match Secretary and assistants shall be allowed to compete.

3. If two anglers have the same weight of fish at the weigh-in, the prize money for that position and the next shall be added together and shared. Also the points.

4. After the start signal competitors may wade provided they remain one yard within the waters edge. (Only on venues where wading is permitted – few and far between!).

5. Match duration may be varied, i.e. 3 hrs, 5 hrs, 6 hrs etc.

6. No competitor will have live or dead fish in their possession before match. Dead bait for pike match excepted.

7. The signal to commence and cease fishing will be given by Match Secretary.

8. Before the starting signal no competitor must on any account ground bait or loose feed the swim but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb and test the float, mix ground bait, clear swim of weed or obstructions and position keepnet. On no account must a feeder be used to plumb the depth before the start signal.

9. Every competitor must fish from within one yard of an imaginary line between peg number and the water. On flowing water fish from peg position in the direction of the flow as far as the next peg.

10. On still water may fish as far as half the distance between peg and the pegs on either side. Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks the limit of the swim will be the middle line between each bank. The competitor will keep activities completely to within these boundaries. Neither their person, tackle, bait or groundbait may intrude into their neighbour's swim.

11. A competitor shall have in use one rod, one line, and one hook at one time. But may have other rods and tackle assembled for use in a position behind them, provided that no such tackle are baited.

12. Competitors must strike, play, and land their own fish.

13. Competitors must cease fishing at the signal. If a competitor is playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, they will be given no more than fifteen (15) minutes after time has been called to land the fish, and must indicate a ‘fish on’ at the signal.

14. Swanton Morley Fishery matches are 40 lbs weight limit per net. Nets containing over 40 lbs knocked back to 40 lbs. Nets over 50 lbs disqualified.

15. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor may have their catch weighed-in who has litter lying on the banks or in the margins of their swim.

16. Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catch is recorded by the Match Secretary.

17. Disabled anglers may receive preferential treatment at the draw, with peg and draw being Match Secretary’s decision.

18. In any dispute the Match Secretary’s decision shall be final.

19. Treat all fish, venues and other anglers with respect.