Swanton Morley Fishery


  • Year round fishing
  • Day ticket fishing (no longer available)
  • Season ticket fishing (day and night)
  • 7ft (2.1m) height restricted entrance
  • Toilets on site
  • Lakes

  • 50 Acres of fishing grounds
  • 3 Large Lakes (Willow, Grebe, Curly's)
  • 2 Small Lakes (Old Boys, The Pond)
  • Note: Old boys and Pond, one rod, no night fishing.
  • 3/4 mile stretch of River Wensum
  • Lake Stock

  • Roach in excess of 2lb
  • Bream to 15lb
  • Tench to 8lb
  • Perch to 3lb
  • Various Carp in excess of 15lb
  • Pike in excess of 20lb
  • Close Season

    Currently the fishery is open all year round except for the river. Dereham and District Angling Club enforce a close season on the river between March 15th to June 15th inclusive, in line with Envronment Agency regulations.


    Over 50 acres of gravel workings, split into two small and three large pits. Depth fluctuates between 3 and 20 feet and can vary within just a few feet, especially around the many bars and peninsulars.

    There is a superb stock of roach, including specimens to over 2lb, an increasing head of bream to 15lb and a fine head of tench between 3lb and 8lb as well as perch (including the odd whopper), crucian carp, common carp and pike. Specimens over 25lb are taken most winters.

    Also on site is a super three quater mile stretch of the River Wensum containing good roach, dace, chub and pike

    An updated version of John Wilson's 15 Favourite Fishing Venues In Norfolk

    Eastern Daily Press 14/06/2000