General Club Rules

1. DDAC does not hold itself responsible for any accident or injury to any individual, or accident / loss of property of any person whilst they are at club waters or participating in club events. Be aware of all dangers / act accordingly!

2. DDAC cards must be displayed face up in car windscreen when fishing DDAC waters. Members with no DDAC card with them must buy a day ticket. DDAC card and day ticket valid for SMF, all other DDAC waters are members only. Night fishing is members only. On production of their own card, all members have the right to check the card / ticket of other anglers.

3. Anglers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency (EA) licence, and comply with the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Acts and Bylaws. Must show licence if asked.

4. Assist members and Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over.

5. Two rods only, may be used simultaneously on Club waters. A third rod permitted at extra cost. For 3rd rod, an extra club card and requisite EA licence are required.

6. No fixed leads or feeders, and no boats or bait boats of any description permitted on Club waters. (Working party permitted boat use for work.). To protect pike; Drop-shotting is not permitted.

7. No: recreational drugs or illegal substances; alcohol; wading or swimming; litter, rubbish, pollution or contamination; camping or fires allowed at Club waters.

8. Pike fishing only permitted 1 October to 31 March. Live baiting and pike gaffs prohibited. Pike anglers must use minimum line strength of 15 lbs, plus wire trace of at least 20 lb and 18 in (46 cm) length for all methods including spinning and lure fishing. No dangerous rigs to be used, i.e. lures with stingers or assist hooks. No sleeping whilst pike fishing, takes must be struck early

9. Fish, including eels, must be handled with care and returned alive to same swim, no transferring fish of any species between waters. Barbless hooks encouraged. Sensible use of sacks, tubes and keepnets allowed, correctly pegged out and not overcrowded, maximum 40lbs weight, and bar matches; emptied every four hours. Larger fish specimens are not to be retained in nets, sacks or tubes for long periods, and no carp in keepnets.

10. On lakes anglers must fish from numbered peg swimss, and keep their fishing within the confines of that swim. No overcasting other swims / areas. No cutting out new swims, or occupying or fishing two swims simultaneously

11. Nut baits are banned. Ground bait, boilies and pellets may be used sparingly. On lakes, floaters permitted only from swim being fished. No feeding floaters in any other swim. Pre-baiting permitted in one swim only. No pre- baiting multiple swims and no loose feeding none swim areas.

12. Anglers must remain within 3 metres of baited rods / pegs, and must not leave unattended tackle in their swim for more than 3 hours.

13. All anglers must be in possession of / use an unhooking mat. Laser lights are prohibited at DDAC fisheries, and no climbing trees at DDAC fisheries

14. Only one bivvy per person. No occupying a swim for more than 72 hrs, i.e. 3 days / nights. No sleeping in vehicles.

15. No group, including Club members, may hold a match on any DDAC water without prior written permission from the Committee.

16. Members shall undertake no action that could jeopardise the Club's good name or standing. Must adhere to notice board instructions / access restrictions, and are prohibited from crossing the Wensum at DDAC Fisheries.

17. Disciplinary action (including bans) will be taken against any person breaching Club Rules, damaging Club or venue property, leaving litter, causing a nuisance or annoyance at Club waters. No subscription refunds given.

18. Toilet provided. Any person leaving defecation elsewhere on the fishery will be banned. No sanitary products to be placed down toilet.

19. Dogs must be kept on a short lead, under control and pooper scooped.

20. DDAC Operates a blanket publicity ban on all specimen fish caught from its fisheries.

21. Parked vehicles must not block roadway or make passing hazardous or difficult.

22. Priority Swims may be used by any member, but disabled members have priority use of them.