Sea Match Rules

1. In DDAC beach matches only two rods and line may be used.

2. No more than two hooks per line / trace may be used. Pennel rigs count as 2 hooks!

3. Spare baited traces are allowed, and anglers must attend their own spare traces. Assistance in baiting up or un-hooking fish is not permitted. Novices and Juniors exempt this restriction.

4. All natural baits are allowed. Feathers and/or lures may not be used except in specific matches.

5. Assistance may be given to land a fish but no-one other than the competitor may handle the rod during landing.

6. The deliberate foul-hooking of fish is not allowed, however foul hooked fish are permitted at the discretion of the organisers. Any fish hooked by more than one member, or caught on lost traces, shall be disqualified.

7. In the event of two or more competitors catching the same weight (points) of fish, club championship points and match placing will be awarded equally.

8. All matches will be roving, but all anglers must fish from the same beach zone.

9. The Match Secretary will signal the start and finish of the competition. No wetting line before the starting whistle.

10. Any complaint must be submitted to the Match Secretary, within 30 minutes of the end of the competition. The decision of the Match Secretary will be final in the event of any dispute not covered by these rules.

11. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and disqualify any angler found breaking the rules.

12. Any angler reported leaving litter or throwing litter into the sea during or after a match will be disqualified.

13. All fish to be handled with care at all times, i.e. no dragging fish up the beach and fish must be put back and not thrown back from distance.

14. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any loss, accident or damage to any competitor, official, member of the public, or their property.

15. As well as the aforementioned rules, the rules of fair play will apply. Anglers must conduct themselves in the manner within the spirit of the sport.

Rules for Catch and Release

16. All fish may be recorded but actual size limits apply when retaining fish for the pot. DDAC recommend the use of Angling Trust (NFSA) minimum retention limits.

17. All fish to be measured down to the nearest CM. (Minimum length 18cms when size limits do not apply).

18. All undersized fish will be awarded 3 weight points and will be recorded & witnessed on match card.

19. All silver eels must be returned to scales within 45 minutes of end of competition.

20. All silver eels must be witnessed and signed in on your match card, and released after weighing.

21. All fish must be placed in a bucket of sea water and taken to the adjacent angler to be measured, witnessed and recorded on match card.

22. Up to a maximum of 6 fish may be retained before fish length, weight points and running total are recorded and signed by adjacent angler.

23. Only match competitors are allowed to transport fish for measuring and returning to sea / river, no 3rd party can be used.

24. All recorded fish must be returned to the sea/river in front of the witness.

25. Fish may be retained for the pot, but must have their tails cut off to prevent accidental re-measuring.

26. Match cards must be signed off, total weight recorded (use table) and witnessed by adjacent angler, including the fish taken to the scales.

27. All anglers are stewards. To ensure fair play, it is in yours and everyone’s interest to see that correct procedures are adhered to.

28. Damaged and unreadable cards may be disqualified.

29. Failure to comply with any of the above or any match rules may lead to disqualification.

30. DDAC sea match rules apply in relation to all other rules.


31. Anglers using ‘power casting’ styles should use a minimum of 60lb breaking strain shock leader. Furthermore it is recommended that the breaking strain of shock leader should be a minimum 10lb breaking strain per oz of weight being used. In the interests of safety, competitors are advised that any form of dangerous casting is prohibited.


If in doubt, ask!